Connect with consumers to crowd out counterfeits

Empower everyone with a smartphone or desktop to choose your authentic products—everywhere they shop, every time they buy.

Discover crowd power

Give EVERYONE the power to buy AUTHENTIC

1 in 4

consumers shopping for authentic branded products online get tricked into buying a counterfeit


of consumers want brands to do more to protect them from buying a fake



of companies with excellent customer experience also outperform their competitors

2.2 billion

consumers own a smartphone capable of authenticating products at points of sale online and off

Consumers need tools to find & buy authentic products. Why not help them find yours?

Great brands need more than great products. Empowering consumers to confirm a product is authentic—using nothing more than internet or a smartphone—is the smart, simple way to beat counterfeits, build customer loyalty, and grow brand value. They get authentic products and a best-in-class customer experience. You get happier customers and unbeatable brand protection.

Crowd power

Authenticity: The innovative certification that adds value to every product threatened by fakes.

Innovating can be easier than you expect. Our pioneering processes for “people-powered authentication” guarantee a fast and reliable implementation for every product, every industry, and every enterprise management software. We’ll work with you to find the best-fit solution for your brand, your production system, your supply chain, your distribution network, and your customer audience.


A Global Solution for a Global Problem

1.8 million

consumers have used Certilogo to verify product authenticity—and more try us every day

170+ countries

and counting—a single, global solution for every type of product

70+ brands

have chosen Certilogo for reliable third-party protection

90+ agencies

directly linked to the Certilogo platform through the WCO-IPM

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In a connected world,
BRAND protection starts with CONSUMER protection.

"It's a simple and efficient solution. With Certilogo, Stone Island has involved tens of thousands of consumers, making them the protagonists of our brand protection strategy and fully assured of the authenticity of the piece they purchased, whether online or offline."
"We wanted a simple and immediate system to enable our customers to verify the authenticity of their products. Certilogo is the best we could find on the market."

Are quality authentic products part of your brand promise?