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Product Authentication

Standard brand protection is no match for modern counterfeiters—or the demands of modern, connected consumers. We invented a method that is.

Building a united front against counterfeits

Successful brands are created and sustained by communities of people who commit themselves to quality, to design, and to making it just right. We created Certilogo to ensure their commitment is safely delivered to the millions of global consumers and B2B customers who value it, no matter where they live, work, and shop.

It’s work that matters today more than ever. The explosive expansion in online sales and complex global supply chains give modern counterfeiters unparalleled opportunities to steal ideas from designers and innovators in a vast new array of industries. To siphon taxes from our cities and schools. To end-run regulations to protect workers. To flout laws to salvage our environment.

"We choose authentic"

Smart brands understand that protecting a brand is impossible without also protecting the consumer and the world we share. Sixty percent of global consumers believe that doing good should be a part of a brand’s DNA. Among online shoppers, 32 percent report choosing their favorite brand based on trust.

And they talk to each other: Fully 78 percent of global consumers say their purchases are influenced by social media. Good news travels fast. So does bad.

Collaborate to win 

The genius of Certilogo is recognizing that the same digital technologies that embolden counterfeiters can be used to retire the ineffective, whack-a-mole enforcement methods of traditional brand protection.

Our innovative platform—more than 100 people years in the making—harnesses the same “sharing economy” logic that powers YouTube, Facebook, and Uber, then puts it to work on behalf of brands, consumers, and the authentic products that connect them.

Today the growing Certillogo Community unites millions of individuals in hundreds of countries around a mutual respect for authentic products and the men and women who build them. The new era for brand protection has begun.

We hope you’ll join us.

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