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the Platform Advantage

Partnering with consumers gives your brand protection "people power".

Rather than struggling separately against counterfeits and unauthorized sellers, give the 2.2 billion consumers with a smartphone a smart, simple tool to find your authentic products, everywhere they live and shop.

Brand inspectors can’t be everywhere — but your consumers can.

Engaging end users, customs agents, and retailers to  authenticate products at points of sale is like hiring thousands of inspectors to track the location of authentic and fraudulent products across the globe.  

Why fight alone against counterfeits?

With Certilogo authentication, brands and users exchange information across an intelligent intermediary: the Certilogo Platform and its artificial intelligence engine, The Authenticator.

From the brand to users

The brand sends data about a product and its authentication code to the heart of the Certilogo platform: The Authenticator. The information is shared with users who enter a code in The Authenticator and receive a reliable, real-time response: Authentic or Fake.

From users to the brand

To authenticate a product in The Authenticator, users send its code to the platform and answer a few quick questions: which product they bought, where and when they bought it, and who sold it to them. The Authenticator combines and analyzes the information and shares what it learns with the brand.

The components of the platform


Certilogo Tagging Manager (CTMA)

Generates Certilogo Codes.

The Authenticator

Furnishes and receives information about products tagged with a Certilogo Code.

Analytics & Reporting

Aggregates data from authenticated codes and users and supplies it to the brand.

Proven processes make it easy to get started.

Implementation is the key. Our operational team makes it fast and seamless to add a Certilogo Code for any product in any production process, without asking you to "bend" sensitive systems.

plug&play certilogo

A custom fit for every business.

Select from our platform’s menu of service options to create the protection package that fits your operations, your objectives, and your audience. Then change it when your needs evolve.

best fit solution

Growing the new global standard.

Our growing community of leading brands proudly protect consumers from fraudulent products. Luxury, sporting goods, premium fashion, industrial components: Certilogo is there.

80+ top BRANDS

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