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Let Certilogo help your brand

When it comes to best practices for engaging consumers with digital product authentication, no one has more experience than the team here at Certilogo — just ask our brand partners

Watch the webinar to learn the unique risks facing brands popular with consumers in secondary markets, then schedule a complimentary, 15-minute consultation to understand:

  • How digital authentication for consumers can help your brand manage and mitigate risk from counterfeit products. 
  • How our proven processes allow brands to tag products with unique, item-level codes at scale, without disrupting sensitive systems.
  • What results you can expect in terms of consumer engagement and data collection, based on outcomes we’re seeing with similar brands.

We've already helped more than 2.5 million consumers connect simply & securely with authentic branded products, so  no one knows more about launching, maintaining and leveraging a product authentication program to safeguard consumers and build brand equity..  

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